In Loopyworld, you’ll see the world of Iron Maiden as no one has ever told you before.

The Unrestrained Memoirs of a Founding Member of the Killer Krew, the Legendary Roadies of Iron Maiden. An Insider’s Look Like Never Before at the Formative Years of the Most Important Heavy Metal Band in History.

Welcome to the world of Loopy, the first roadie of the Killer Krew, who followed Iron Maiden nearly every single day from the time singer Paul Di’Anno joined until the recording of the masterpiece Powerslave.

Sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll narrated like never before in an official document about Maiden. Thanks to a childhood friendship with Di’Anno, Steve “Loopy” Newhouse ended up almost by chance in the dusty cellars where a legend was born, a band that at the time was still virtually unknown, but already promised great things. From there began his career as a roadie that would take him everywhere with Iron Maiden, from their first shows with the new singer to their establishment as a leading band on the international heavy metal scene.

From endless rehearsal sessions in a tiny studio, to concerts at the Ruskin Arms and then all over England, bouncing from one pub to another and crossing London in rickety cars or cumbersome vans, Loopy’s memories tell us about musicians and roadies coming and going, beers, laughs, tears, troubles, beers, tours, records, and more beers.

Steve Loopy NewhouseSteve “Loopy” Newhouse was born in 1957 and has lived almost all his life in the East London.

After leaving school in 1972 and taking on various odd jobs, in 1978 he had the opportunity to join Iron Maiden as a roadie, at the time still an emerging band, with whom he would work more or less continuously until 1984.

After quitting with the band, he became a stage technician in London, among other various jobs, but always in the world of music, which he would leave only in 1995 to dedicate himself to other pursuits. Today, he resides in Romford, Essex, with his wife Sharron. He has six children and six grandchildren.