How Maiden will celebrate their 50th? I don’t care!

Home With nearly fifty years of career, our heroes have pioneered a musical genre that has influenced generations of fans and musicians. As we approach their 50th anniversary, it’s trendy to wonder what they will do to celebrate this milestone. However, instead of worrying about what might or might not happen, we should focus on […]

Adrian Smith’s Pioneering Impact on Iron Maiden

This article was inspired by a live conversation with Davide Miotto, founder of MAIDEN ITALIA and author of the book “Iron Maiden, My Travel Companions”. During our broadcast The Darkest Hour, we discussed the reunion and how Bruce Dickinson’s significant and sensational return overshadowed the equally crucial return of Adrian Smith. This sparked my desire […]

Bruce and Blaze: is it David vs. Goliath?

Home In the vibrant world of rock, epic battles between giants have never been solely about sound power or dazzling stages. Sometimes, the most significant conflicts are waged in the subtle contrasts between the enormity of an artistic project and the pure, Spartan passion fueling a more humble work. This is the backdrop for a […]

Paul Di’Anno, back to the early days

Home Uncle Paul, or rather the wheels of his wheelchair, graced the stage of the legendary Cart and Horses. The place that, along with the legendary Ruskin’s Arms, witnessed the early steps of the band before they became a metal legend, was the stage for an exciting evening of déjà vu. Closing your eyes, it’s […]

Live after death vs. Rock in Rio – Fans Debate

Home There has been a lot of talk about Iron Maiden, one of the most influential bands in the history of rock, who are thrilling fans with another massive tour, “The Future Past,” where the band seems to disregard their age. The recent performances have been so full of energy and quality that fans are […]

Not “Somewhere”, but “Always”

Home Many of you have asked me what I think of the new show that the almost fifty-year-old Iron Maiden inaugurated on May 28th in Ljubljana. I believe it is pointless to dwell too much on the setlist itself, or the stage setups (in which Iron Maiden excel, regardless): everyone will have formed their own […]