Eddie’s Grave (English Edition)


The sequel to Eddie Must Die, Amazon Bestseller 2021.
Available in Paperback  (E-book Kindle on Amazon only)
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“A great level of skill is required to fit a suspense plot around the events that actually happened to Iron Maiden and this has been achieved masterfully”
(From the foreword by Linda HARRIS)
Adrenaline, mystery and plot twists in this new chapter about Andrew Briggs and Iron Maiden.

6 9 illustration depicting an Egyptian landscape with the pyramids showcasing the aftermath of a nuclear war The scene should captureMore than a year has passed since the near tragedy at the Hammersmith Odeon. After completing an incident free and triumphant tour, Iron Maiden are considered to be out of danger by the Scotland Yard brass. The fearsome Father Archibald is still at large and thirsty for revenge against the legendary metal band. But what are the Brotherhood’s real aims?

It’s the middle of the Cold War and the tension between the two world superpowers grows by the hour; all it takes is one pretext for the worst to happen. Two kidnapped scientists, a bundle of missing documents and mysterious murders, test the investigative skills of the intelligence and London’s police. Only one person can help connect all the events: Inspector Andrew Briggs. But he no longer works in the field and is in disarray. He can’t get over the loss of Hannah and Luke, and drowns his loneliness in alcohol, until Agent Ward knocks on his door…

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