Eddie must Die (English Edition)


Best seller in Italy and UK, with over 400 reviews on Amazon.
A new way for a thriller, with loads of heavy metal!
Dive into a gripping thriller where the mysterious death of a reporter and a deadly plot against an Iron Maiden concert
unravel a sinister conspiracy, blending history, music, and suspense in a race against time to avert tragedy.

Awarded 5 Star on Reader’s Favorite
Available in paperback and hard cover

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Thursday 28th October 1982. Hammersmith Odeon, London. 
Iron Maiden are about to play in front of a sold-out crowd. This engagement is crucial for the band, who have just changed their lead singer and are trying to face the protests against their latest album, The Number of the Beast. They have been accused of having links to Satanism. A tragedy is round the corner: Liam and Rose, who belong to a religious sect, are also there, armed with enough explosive C4 to cause a terrible massacre.

Six weeks previously, the Thames returns the dead body of a journalist named Luke Wilkinson.
Everything found at the scene suggests suicide, but Inspector Andrew Briggs is suspicious. He decides to investigate on his own, but the deeper he digs, the more complicated the mosaic becomes. Two events apparently different, but connected by a thin thread. Who is the murderer? And who is behind the attack on the legendary metal band?
This page-turning thriller is rich of plot twists, intertwined with past and present on the London-Unites States axis.
Iron Maiden turn out to be the key to unravel the mystery, but how?

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