The only man who can unravel the web of a dark conspiracy is the one who has lost everything. Andrew Briggs is the last ticket for a breathtaking ride through shadows and revelations, where the fate of the Iron Maiden and the future of humanity hang by a thread as thin as a razor blade.

More than a year has passed since the narrowly averted tragedy at Hammersmith Odeon. After completing a triumphant, incident-free tour, Iron Maiden are considered out of danger by the top brass at Scotland Yard. However, the fearsome Father Archibald is still at large and thirsting for revenge against the legendary metal band. But what are the true objectives of the Brotherhood, and what demonic entities must be eradicated?
We are in the midst of the Cold War, and the tension between the two global superpowers is escalating by the hour; it would take just one pretext for the worst to happen.

Two kidnapped scientists, a package of missing documents, and mysterious murders severely test the investigative abilities of both the intelligence services and the London police. Only one person can help connect all the events: Inspector Andrew Briggs. But he is no longer active in the field and is in disarray. He can’t get over the loss of Hannah and Luke and drowns his loneliness in alcohol when Agent Ward knocks on his door…